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Web and App Analytics

Understand and optimize your websites and apps learning from aggregate user behavior data

Analyze how users behave on your websites and apps with analytics

What can a Web/App Analytics Platform do for you?

Website and App Analytics platforms aggregate and analyze user interaction data to give you a complete picture of what works and what doesn’t. Every marketer is familiar with Google Analytics, but the all-famous and free tool has its limits. Modern analytics tools come with more advanced features, using AI again, to give you an idea of where your customers would be facing issues with your products, as well as enable you to see exact snapshots of what happened, so that you can focus on improving your product performance.

Feature spotlights

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Integrated insights

Make smarter, faster marketing decisions.

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Personalized digital experiences

Create journeys that delight customers.

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Digital customer experience tools

Boost conversion by capitalizing on digital opportunities.

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AI-powered customer data analytics

Refocus on creative delivery as you automate and scale.

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Predictive engagement analytics

Drive retention when valuable customers are at risk.

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AI struggle analytics

Pinpoint struggles that cost you conversions.

Start improving your products based on advanced AI-driven analytics

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