What can a Marketing Automation Platform do for you?

Your customers are targeted by tons of brands to capture their attention every minute of the day. Personalization is the only way to make sure your customers and prospects are interested in your marketing. Marketing Automation Platforms aim to do exactly that, by personalizing messaging based on data collected from their interactions with your brand, at scale of millions. Using Artificial Intelligence algorithms, they optimize your marketing communications to get your better results and more ROI.

Feature spotlights

Marketing Automation

Powerful campaign design canvas

Design and automate sophisticated, multi-step and multi-channel campaign programs with an easy-to-use visual canvas. Collaborate accross the entire marketing team

Marketing Automation

Seamless multi-channel marketing

Design multi-channel programs on one canvas. Blend digital channels including email, mobile push, SMS and social to deliver the experiences your customers expect.

Marketing Automation

Lead management and scoring

Close the loop between marketing and sales and decrease customer acquisition costs, get quality leads by understanding prospect behavior and scoring on that behavior.

Marketing Automation

Customer journey building

Quickly create journey maps with IBM Journey Designer and share across teams to collaborate and establish common goals.

Marketing Automation

Performance insights and reporting

Use an interactive interface to analyze the results of your campaigns, hover over charts and graphs to glean the insights you need to further optimize.

Marketing Automation

Personalization and A/B/n testing

Add personalization and A/B/n testing across your campaigns (emails, mobile push messages, landing pages, etc.) to improve results starting with open and click-thru rates.

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