What can Brand Social Analytics do for you?

Brand impact has moved full digital. Your customers are on social media every day sharing their experiences with your brand, both good and bad. Customer reaction is real-time, so you too need a real-time solution that can monitor conversations about your brand in real-time and update you before something goes viral, not after. Brand Social Analytics is your extra set of eyes and ears, watching what's happening on all social channels and online media in real-time, in all languages.

Feature spotlights

Marketing Automation

360 Conversation Coverage

Social Media, News Portals, Discussion Forums, E-commerce & Review Sites, Detik, Liputan6, Kompas, etc.

Marketing Automation

Segment by Location & Demographic

See how your follwers and brand mentions vary by cities, and which demographics are engaged

Marketing Automation

Custom Sentiment Analysis in Indonesian

No Indonesian NSP is perfect. We combine some of the best NSP tools with human curation to get most accurate results.

Marketing Automation

Content Engagement Analysis

See which kid of content is generating most engagement for you, and the sentiment of that engagement.

Marketing Automation

Measure & Identify Influencers

See the impact your influencers have on your brand awareness and engagement. Find new potential influencers.

Marketing Automation

Real-time Alerting System

Automated alerts on peak activities or sentiment, alerting social media managers to act.

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