What can a Customer Data Platform do for you?

Data giants like Netflix, Amazon, and Facebook are creating highly personalized buying experiences that customers value, at scale, by understanding and remembering their preferences and anticipating their needs. Today, our Customer Data Platform is bringing this sophisticated functionality to businesses everywhere with an enterprise grade that provides a unified 360° view of your customers, without you needing to dedicate any tech or data resources.

Feature Spotlights

Customer Data Platform

360° Customer View

Capture your customer interactions cross - device and online - to - store, build a unified view of customers and deliver premium customer experiences at scale.

Customer Data Platform

Fine - tune your audiences

Create audience segments at levels of granularity previously not possible and use machine learning to improve segmentation over time.

Customer Data Platform

Engage in real time

Use AI/ML - powered insights from an individual's history, preferences and behavior to deliver more targeted offers and better the outcomes that increase sales.

Customer Data Platform

Personalize omni - channel customer experience

Engage customers across multiple channels (phone, web, social media, in store) with personalized offerings based on real - time insights.

Customer Data Platform

Cross-sell and upsell

Improve customer retention by offering AI/ML - powered personalized recommendations that keep customers engaged once they make a purchase.

Customer Data Platform

Improve products or services

Better understand customer preferences, prioritize new feature or services and test various pricing strategies.

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